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One Room Challenge Spring Week 5 & 6

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

GUYS! We are officially at the midway point for the One Room Challenge and we have made so much progress. We decided with everything going on to combine our week 5 & 6 progress because it's A LOT! So without further adieu here we go.

Progress, progress and some more progress

Electrical check, plumbing check, a whole lot of stuff everywhere check check! To be honest, this is the part of the project that we have to very deliberate and extra detailed. This is the phase where things can start going south very quick, and to avoid issues we a on site a couple times a week. The electrical has been going in, and to give you guys a refresher we are adding in new wall sconces, switches and LED's in the ceiling. The placement of said items are crucial so we triple check everything before the electrician begins.


The new outlets and J-boxes have been placed on the wall. We have also closed up the original opening that led to the closet. In addition, we framed and opened up the new walls for the two barn doors we will be installing. The barn doors are pretty heavy so we will need to reinforce the wall to carry the weight. Unfortunately, we did not account for this so we will need to dig into our contingency budget a bit.

PRO TIP: Always have a contingency budget set aside for unforeseen issues that arise in a project.

Our clients wanted the ability to dim the high hats so we will be installing some nice modern switches from Lutron that are LED compatible. The LED's that we specified are a bright white (4500K). The higher the Kelvins the cooler and brighter the light. We opted for a brighter light because the bathroom only has one small window that lets in light. With two new high hats, and wall sconces there should be a good amount of light in the space.

Did someone say new Durock?

Our contractor has also closed up the shower wall, installed new durock and installed the new shower niche. We originally wanted the niche to span from wall to wall, but our clients AX'ed that! So here is what we have...


What's next?

With plumbing completed, and electrical at about 90% we will now begin to close up the drywall and start the tiling of the bathroom. It should be smooth sailing from here on out (crossing our fingers) because we are down to the wire.

Our custom vanity is expected to be completed next week, and delivered to the site shortly after the tile is completed. Wait until you guys see it! It is absolutely gorgeous. We opted for a rich deep blue color with copper finish pulls. The quartz selected is a bright white that has a few grey/brown veins. It really pops against the blue color of the vanity.

We also had tile delivered last week, plumbing fixtures and lighting. As you can imagine there are boxes everywhere. Lucky for us our clients cleared out their master bedroom and closed it off for us to be able to work. Honestly, this has made life so much easier for our crew.

Our clients have been so patient with everything going, and we know they are going to love it when everything is done.

For more BTS follow us on Instagram! For more fun One Room Challenges check out the guest participants here.

Until next week! Xoxo

K & J

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