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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 3

Updated: May 28, 2020

Thanks for stopping by again! It's week three of the One Room Challenge and we are in full DEMO MODE! One of our favorite phases of a project is Demo day. Not only do you get to start tearing down and ripping things a part, but you can actually start seeing the space as a blank canvas. For us demo day can be exciting and fun, but it's also scary at the same time. By scary we mean it can be very telling on how the remainder of the project will go. Once you start opening up walls, and ceilings A LOT can go wrong.

Thankfully, demo day went pretty smooth for us this time! Here are some pictures and vids of the chaos (I mean demo) of the project.

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Luckily for us there weren't any major issues we found once we started opening up the walls. However, we still have some electrical and new plumbing to run so we may have to rework a few things around. The demo phase will be two days as we only have one man on site because you know Covid so things around here are taking a bit longer than expected. However, we take the safety of our workers and clients very seriously. For now we have decided a one man crew is better than a no man crew!

*Pro tip: When planning your schedule always give yourself some wiggle room with time incase any unforeseen issues come up. We like to always give a day in between phases to avoid any delays.

From our end Demo day 1 was a success! We were able to get most of the tile in the bathroom out, removed the mirror, existing L shaped desk, existing closet shelves and tile in the shower. We still have some work to do on day two, but for the most part we are in pretty good shape. Day two we will be finishing up the demo and getting the tub and toilet out!

We have also decided on who will be fabricating the amazing vanity design. We like to introduce you to Silvas Kitchens. The company is local to Miami, FL and is run by Gabriel. They specialize in kitchen cabinetry and millwork fabrication. We've worked with them on a few projects before, and cannot wait to see the vanity come to life.

We are excited for week 4 and we think this time next week there will be some major progress going on! Next week we will be starting the new plumbing work in the bathroom. We can't wait to show you guys what we have up our sleeves. For more behind the scenes follow us on Instagram! For more fun One Room Challenges check out the guest participants here.

Until next week! Xoxo

K & J

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