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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 4

And just like that it's week four of the One Room Challenge ! We have completed the demo, and started installing the new plumbing! In order to maximize the space in the bathroom, we had to relocate the toilet as well as add in plumbing for the second sink in the vanity. We ran into a bit of snag this week, but we are working our way through the problem. The existing plumbing unfortunately is not great, and we will need to replace a few pipes. We aren't too surprised by this because we knew there had been a previous leak that the owners never repaired. The plumber is working his way through and we should not have anymore issues moving forward.

Here are some images of the progress. It looks like a hot mess, but we are well underway! We know we are a ways to go, but seeing the chaos before the beauty makes the finish line so rewarding.

As the project progresses, we like to start checking in with the subs at least two times a week! Given the circumstances with Covid, we are only going to the site once a week for 30 minutes tops. PRO TIP: It is imperative that you meet subs before they start and finish each milestone. This typically prevents mistakes from happening and allows for solid communication and understanding through the project.

Here's a little behind the scenes video where we are talking about the lighting placement before the sub starts the plumbing for the rain shower in the ceiling. Excuse my spanglish accent!

Fun fact: We both speak spanish fluently which comes in handy when living in Miami! Most of the labor force in Miami speaks Spanish.

We have also started to receive materials (tile), and fixtures to the home. Before the project started we had asked the owners to clear out the master bedroom to make room to store the materials and fixtures for the bathroom. The home is two stories so we wanted to avoid the contractor from having to go up and down every time he needed something.

We are excited for week 5! This time next week we will have plumbing and electrical completed. Then we can start closing up walls and start installing the finishes. We love a good before, and after and boy is this one going to be a good one!

For more behind the scenes follow us on Instagram! For more fun One Room Challenges check out the guest participants here.

Until next week! Xoxo

K & J

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