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Female owned and operated, KJ Design Collective has over 10 years of design and purchasing experience in the interior design industry. We are a full service interior design firm specializing in residential renovations, and interiors rooted in a modern + curated aesthetic.


Principal Designer and Co-Founder Janine Rivero leads the creative side of the business. President of Procurement and Co-Founder Karina Gonzalez directs the companies day to day business. When we aren't immersed in our projects we enjoy hanging with family, sipping some Rose by the beach or our favorite local restaurants and of course shopping!


At our core, we are a team that values hard work and dedication. We treat every project with excitement and passion for original design, while bringing a collaborative experience between our process and our clients' needs/wants.


We truly believe home is where the heart is. Your home should reflect your personal style and be a functional space you feel positive in. We pride ourselves in bringing cost effective solutions to the table. We are all about mixing high and low pieces to create a cohesive and beautiful home.

Our firm is available to assist in all aspects of a renovation, interior decorating, purchasing and styling..

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